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..::Mister Flower::..
flower flower in my hand
you are the greatest food ive ever had
you look so pretty and tast so sweet
im glad youve never tasted like meat
i hold you and keep you nice and tall
cuz your the greatest food of all
you fill my tummy with yummy love
your exsistance is so high above
when i enjoy your flowerie meal
you cant believe how greatful i feel
i seed my garden everyday
showing your little flower souls
how much i love your stay
most will tell me eating you is bad
and that you should be left alone and prased
but you and i know you were made to make all glad
and to fill my tummy when i am sad
as long as i plant your brothers and sisters
to show your wonderfulness with all the world
so thank you mister flower for being my meal
thank you mister flower for helping me heal
im glad your around to make me happy
but now tata cuz im in need of a snacky!!
*eats blue sunflower*
:icondaemonscrimsontears:daemonscrimsontears 0 6
taking a step
people pass me by with a smile
time passes me by and I get older
I try to find friendship with in the mile
but you can only find so much when life gets colder
needing a friend close by isn't just smiles
having a hand to rely on isn't just for comfort
those people are gifts.
gifts given to us for being who we are,
gifts given to us for showing who we are
people pass me by with a hello
time passes me by with age and wisdom
slowly getting warm and cozy with those you care for
yet some times they care only for the ride
you tend to give so much and then some
but then you see there pushing you aside
so you learn from what has happened and you cry some
you continue being close not showing through,
and when they are saying "your my friend"
you really know its not truth
sooner or later you will learn to let go of those who hurt
you but for now remember this
everyone lives this problem somewhere in life
everyone gets there heart broken at some point in life
friends aren't toys don't just throw t
:icondaemonscrimsontears:daemonscrimsontears 1 2
kirby scare by daemonscrimsontears kirby scare :icondaemonscrimsontears:daemonscrimsontears 2 1 AWSOME SHIT RIGHT HERE by daemonscrimsontears AWSOME SHIT RIGHT HERE :icondaemonscrimsontears:daemonscrimsontears 4 17 my muffinienesss by daemonscrimsontears my muffinienesss :icondaemonscrimsontears:daemonscrimsontears 1 6
the choice of life
no blood is spilt
no marks  are left
just the thought
of death
when the moon falls
life seems sweet and pure
but when day breaks
the thought of it becomes upscure
time passes and changes
yet we feel the same as yesterday
life is set like passages and mazes
yet we still go through it like a normal day
what keeps us going?
what makes life so interesting?
it is feeling, tasting, seeing,
hearing, and smelling
the five sences life has given us
but sometimes, when the world
turns black, and a good life is but a dream
the blood is spilt
the marks are left
and death comes
somewere in between.
but. let us not forget love
a savior yet a murderer
it can build us, it can break us
most can run, most can hide
but the choice of life
lives with us inside
:icondaemonscrimsontears:daemonscrimsontears 0 8
undesired rym
there is no love in my rymes,
just hate, just pain, its all the same.
you cant put it any difrent way
youll always find the same thing
the same rythem,
like a wall of bricks. of chains
il brake through this wall
that chains me, that hangs me ,
the one that detains me.
can u see the love cuz i cant,
all i see is hate. the hate i show
the only thing i know
when angles fall and all is dark
ill be the eyes in the corner
telling you. warning you
there is no escape
this hate way,
my life takes me, it hates me,
it doesnt apreciate me.
beucause it only sees the bad
it only sees the sins
my life dosent see what loyalness i had
what star i was in
it kills me like a knike in the chest
i bleed with no need to stop the rest
all becuz of the things i hear,
the things that i fear,
the things that brake me up in side.
knowing i have no time to hide
what should i do? what should i say?
there aint no way to stop it
ive lost it, lost- lost it
its gone. my life my dreams
there a wave
like the sn
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Sarra by daemonscrimsontears Sarra :icondaemonscrimsontears:daemonscrimsontears 2 3 bloody dolly avi-art by daemonscrimsontears bloody dolly avi-art :icondaemonscrimsontears:daemonscrimsontears 3 4

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United States
hey im leaving. and deleting this profile.
if you wish to continue watching me. and ill asure new art.

go to

thats my new da :D
yeah i made a new DA and im letting this one go so if any of you would like to follow me juuust click the link below and watch my new acount

ill delete this da in like 4 or 5 days :O iiii really need a new start with all this peeople :D soooo hope to see you all soon :D

thats my new DA kiddies :D
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